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Man wrongly accused of failing to pay child support

Child support payments can be fairly straightforward. However, various situations can also complicate matters significantly. New York residents who pay child support to an ex in another state may want to ensure the child support payments are received and that the child support agreement is clearly understood by the states where both parents live.

One Illinois man can attest for the difficulties that can ensue when various states get involved with child support payments and orders. For over 10 years, this man has paid his ex-girlfriend child support for their twin daughters. His ex-girlfriend and daughters lived in various states without problems receiving his child support payments. The man had his payments deducted from his bank account and the payment was sent to the state where his daughters and ex-girlfriend lived. This system worked until the ex-girlfriend and daughters moved to Mississippi.

Communication errors between Illinois and Mississippi resulted in quite a few problems for the man. According to a report, the man paid his child support through the state of Illinois, but instead of sending the child support money to the state of Mississippi, Illinois sent it directly to the man's ex-girlfriend. As a result, Mississippi did not have proof of the payments and contacted the man saying he had failed to make over $5,000 of child support payments to his ex-girlfriend.

The man has resolved most of his child support payment problems with Illinois and Mississippi. However, his experience can serve as a learning process for others whose child support payments are sent out of state. Ensuring that the payments are being sent in the correct manner is critical. Otherwise, a responsible parent abiding by a child support order could be accused of failing to make payments.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Problem solver: Child support case becomes a hot mess," Jon Yates, Nov. 18, 2012

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